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Welcome To Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department

Electrical & Electronics Engineering is a branch of science which deals with the application of electricity, electronics & electromagnetism.Department offers Undergraduate Program (BE) in Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department. Our department provides valuable resource for Industry & Society through excellence in technical education and research.

Our focus is to generate new knowledge by engaging in cutting edge research and to develop the human intellectual capability to the fullest potential. These Engineers are responsible for analysis, designing, manufacturing, developing & testing electrical equipments.


S.No. Name of Lab Carpet Area (m²) Major Equipment
1. Machine Lab) 33x9.9 Synchronous Machine
Slip ring Induction Motor
1-phase transformer
3-phase transformer
Dc shunt Motor(self excited)
2. High Voltage Lab 33x9.9 Synchronous Machine
Impulse generator 150KV
Horn gap arrester
3. Switchgear & Protection Lab. 33x9.9 Over voltage protection kit
4. Basic Electrical Engineering Lab. 33x9.9 Network Theorem kit
5. Basic Electronics Lab. & Analog Electronics Lab 9.9x9.9 Diode Characteristics Trainer
Transistor characteristics Trainer
Rectifier Trainer
Clipper & Clamper circuit Trainer
Analog CRO & Function Generator
Digital storage Oscilloscope
6. Integrated Circuit Application Lab 13.2x9.9 OPAMP Trainer
Timer 555 trainer
Multivibrators trainer kit
7. Digital Electronics Circuit Lab. 13.2x9.9 Basic logic Trainer
IC Trainer
Flip-Flop kit
8. Electrical Measurements & Measuring Instruments Lab 9.9X6.6 Bridges
9. Digital Signal Processing Lab. 9.9X9.9 Software based trainer(MATLAB)
10. Control System Lab. 9.9X9.9 Open loop & closed loop control kit
PID Controller kit
11. Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab. 9.9X9.9 8085 Trainer kit
8086 Trainer kit
Microcontroller kit
8086 Emulator

Faculty & Staff

Name Prof. Pranay kumar Rahi
Designation Associate Professor & HOD
DOJ 27/06/2008
Qualification B.E, M.E
Name Prof. Shilpa Mehto
Designation Assistant Professor
DOJ 24/07/2008
Qualification B.E,M.E
Name Prof. Alka Sharma
Designation Assistant Professor
DOJ 25/06/2013
Qualification B.E, M.TECH
Name Prof. Shipra Srivastav
Designation Part time Lecturer
DOJ 14/01/2013
Qualification B.Tech,M.Tech
Name Prof. Nikhil kumar Yadav
Designation Part time Lecturer
DOJ 01/07/2016
Qualification B.E., M.Tech
Name Prof. Priya Chadhokar
Designation Part time Lecturer
DOJ 01/01/2017
Qualification B.E, M.Tech
Name Prof. Amina Begam
Designation Part time Lecturer
DOJ 31/12/2016
Qualification B.E.
Name Lalima Jaiswal
Designation Lab.Technician
DOJ 21/08/2012
Qualification Diploma
Name Gopal Rathore
Designation Lab.Technician
DOJ 21/08/20128
Qualification B.E.
Name Ashok Kumar Pal
Designation Electrician
DOJ 04/05/2012
Qualification Diploma
Name Md. Shabeer
Designation Electrician
DOJ 19/11/2012
Qualification ITI


SESSION 2018-19

  • Alcohol sensing alert with locking Engine.
  • Power Generation by Piezoelectric effect.
  • Fingerprint based E-Voting system.
  • Automated Path Detector.
  • Smart Home Project.
  • Smart Blind Stick.