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Welcome to Civil Engineering Department

Welcome to the Department of Civil Engineering. The Civil Engineering department is one of the prestigious departments of this institute,started in year 2008 with the intake of 60. The department offers four year B.E course in Civil Engineering. The focus is to provide application oriented education covering the entire spectrum of Civil Engineering. The students are given exposure to different areas of Civil Engineering like Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Water Resource Engineering,Transportation Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Surveying etc. to develop and diversify themselves in their respective areas of interest. The laboratories of the department have been set up with best quality state of the art sophisticated instruments for Geotechnical Engg, Concrete Technology, Environmental Engg, Transportation Engg, and Geology. The department also possesses modern surveying equipments like Total Station.

The centralized laboratories like Material Testing, Hydraulics, Digital graphics etc are being utilized by the students of the department. In-house training in computer graphics, Computer aided Design (STAAD) are being conducted as a part of regular curriculum in the state of the art computer lab. The faculty members are highly qualified, research minded, dynamic and committed. There is a balance mix of faculty from both academics and Industry. With the quality education received, the students are sure to be prove themselves as an asset to various Industrial establishment, Govt., Public, Private establishments and Academic institutions they join.


S.No. Name of Lab Carpet Area (m²) Major Equipment
1. Concrete Technology 102.2 sqm Vicat Apparatus
Flexural Testing Machine
Le-Chateliers Apparatus
Vee Bee Consistometer
Compaction Factor Test Apparatus
2. Transportation Engg. 107.2 sqm Universal Penetrometer
Ring And Ball Apparatus
Pensky-Martin Apparatus
Standard Tar Viscometer
Impact Testing Machine
3. Geotech Engg. 96.4 sqm Swell Test Apparatus
Consolidation Test Apparatus
Universal Triaxial Cell
Plate Bearing Test
Pycnometer Test Apparatus
4. Environmental Engg. 102.8 sqm Microprocessor Digital Conductivity Meter
Digital Soil And Water Testing Kit
Digital Microscope
Digital Spectrometer
Bod Incubator
5. Surveying 60.8 sqm Vernier Theodolite
Line Ranger
Abney Level
Tilting Level
Electronic Digital Theodolite
Total Station
6. Engg. GeoLogy 98.5 sqm Crystallographic Model
Collection Of Minerals With Wooden Cabinet
Hardness Testing Knife
Model Showing Strike Dip And Pitch
Symmetrical Anticline Showing Axial Plane
Polarising Petrological Microscope
Crystallographic Axis And Center Of System
Planes And Axis Of Symmetrical Of Sin System

Faculty & Staff

Name Prof. G.L Sonkar
Designation Associate Professor & HOD
DOJ 06/2008
Qualification B.E
Name Prof. Vijay Kr Kedia
Designation Lecturer
DOJ 08/17
Qualification B.E,M.E
Name Prof. Deepanwita Ray
Designation Lecturer
DOJ 02/16
Qualification B.TECH, M.TECH
Name Prof. Nidhi Agrawal
Designation Lecturer
DOJ 07/18
Qualification B.E,M.Tech
Name Prof. Vibha Pandey
Designation Lecturer
DOJ 02/17
Qualification B.E.
Name Prof. Garima Singh
Designation Lecturer
DOJ 09/14
Qualification B.E.
Name Prof. Prakash Bareth
Designation Lecturer
DOJ 09/17
Qualification B.E.
Name Prof. Rashmi Singh
Designation Lecturer
DOJ 07/18
Qualification B.E.
Name Prof. Simendra Kr.Dhakde
Designation Lecturer
DOJ 07/18
Qualification B.E.